Me Too Ohio

Courageous women in Ohio are telling
their stories.

Betty Sutton bravely showed that even when the
domestic violence occurred decades ago,
victims deserve to be heard.

Now Senator Sherrod Brown is facing his own
“Me Too” moment from his past.

Me Too Ohio is committed to ensuring courageous Ohioans are able to tell their stories of domestic violence and perpetrators in power are held accountable for violence and harassment.

They vilified Judge Kavanaugh, but Democrats turned blind eyes to their own Sherrod Brown.

“Every victim deserves to be heard. Anyone who’s alleging any sort of assault or abuse needs to be listened to.”

- Chelsea Handler, Comedian and Actress

Domestic violence and harassment cannot be tolerated.

Call Congress and demand laws that allow every victim to be heard.


This Senator had to resign when evidence emerged he mistreated women.

Betty Sutton bravely shared her personal experience with domestic violence decades ago when “she was grabbed, pushed, picked up, thrown down, punched in the back of the head and threatened by her first husband.” (The Enquirer, 8/29/18)

Now Senator Sherrod Brown faces his own “Me Too” moment from his past.

These court records show sworn evidence that Sherrod Brown’s ex-wife accused him of abusing her, citing his “physical violence and abusive nature.” She said Sherrod Brown assaulted her, and the Judge issued a restraining order against Brown.

Later, she said Brown violated the court order, pushing, shoving and bullying her.

Sherrod refused to go to his vehicle and pushed Larke up against the wall with his arm …

Sherrod Brown claims this is a family matter, but by making her sworn statement, his ex-wife, just like other victims, has a right to be believed.

Why is Senator Sherrod Brown different?

Call on Sherrod Brown to resign immediately.

Call Congress and demand laws that allow every victim to be heard.